Mike Gonthier - Level Design
Professional work
The Avengers Project
A game based on Marvel's Avengers, being crafted by Crystal Dynamics in collaboration with Eidos-Montreal:
I am working an Avengers game project on which very few details have yet been announced...

More info coming in 2018, and possibly during the year!
We Happy Few
A game of paranoia and survival, in a drugged-out, dystopian English city:
We Happy Few is the tale of a plucky bunch of moderately terrible people trying to escape from a lifetime of cheerful denial.

Set in a drug-fuelled, retrofuturistic city in an alternative 1960s England, you’ll have to blend in with its other inhabitants, who have their own set of not-so-normal rules.

Currently announced for Xbox One, Windows, Mac and Linux, We Happy Few will be released in 2016. However, you will be able to join the fun before then, by joining us on Microsoft Game Preview / Steam Early Access on July 26 2016.
Personal work
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Plant or defuse the bomb in a Greek coastal town:
Opal takes place in a coastal town on Skopelos, a Greek island in the western Aegean Sea.

Terrorists landed with their boat on the port, and plan to either bomb the public place & monument, or the water treatment facility. Counter-terrorists come out of a town police station, and attempt to prevent the terror act from happenning...

(This map is my entry for the Mapcore CS:GO Mapping Contest 2017. Finalists have not yet been announced).

It has more than 4500 subscribed players, and more add up every day since its release on Steam Workshop. I am constantly making improvements to it based on player feedback.
Defend the Core
Defend the core as long as you can against the endless wave of demons:
"Defend the Core" is a custom game type for Doom 2016.

Endless waves of demons are throwing themselves into the core at the center. When a demons reaches it, the core loses power. If the core's power reaches zero, or you die, it's game over!

You need to kill demons in their tracks to preserve the core's health for as long as you can. Waves of demons become harder and harder. The score is based on how long the core survived.

The core intermittently moves up and down between the two floors. The map features stairs, jump-pads and portals, allowing you to navigate between floors.

You use a faster, stronger version of the basic pistol for this challenge. You also move faster than normal.

From time to time, a power station will activate somewhere around you - Use it to fully restore the core's power!

Get it in-game with the code ERW8FCU9
Die Hard
Kill as many demons as possible - The more you kill, the stronger they get:
"Die Hard" is a brutal and fun twist on the iconic "survival mode", which raises the stakes the better and luckier you are.

You spawn into an empty room with all doors locked - When you activate the demonic nest at the center, the doors open and the game starts. When you enter a room, a wave of demons spawns, composed of 2 random types of enemies. Once defeated, the lockdown is lifted and you can travel to the next room. When you die (it will happen eventually...), it's game over, and your kill count is saved on the map's leaderboard.

Every 10 kills, your weapon is replaced by a new one chosen at random, and demons get a 25% damage bonus - That means past a certain point, any hit will kill you instantly!

So there's a good mix of controlled vs. uncontrolled outcome here - Even if you're good at the game, you might be given the not-so-powerful assault rifle, to fight a wave of very dangerous "barons of hell".

The map is shaped like an "infinity" symbol, so no dead ends, and you are never forced to go back into the previous room you just clear, you can just keep moving into the next one.

There's also some shield items placed in each of the rooms, which re-appear whenever you start a wave in the room - Don't forget to pick them up, they will help you survive longer...

Get it in-game with the code TYTLYB2V
Frantic Mode
Race the clock - The more you kill, the more time you get:
In Frantic Mode, players try to get the highest score by killing demons as fast as possible within a time limit. But you must also survive - if you die, your score will be zero!

Players must move to a new room every 10 kills, and fight a new wave of demons there. Any of the other rooms can be accessed during that time.

Each room contains 2 bonus items that add 30 seconds to the countdown when collected. Picking these up will give you more time to get a high score, but only if you survive...

The mod also features a combo system - so the faster you play, the more points you get!

Get it in-game with the code HLHBULF3
Amnesia: The Dark Descent
Who knows what lurks around the corridors of this gloomy residence? Find out for yourself:
"Daniel's peril leads him to this place. He must find a way out of the guardhouse..."

Guardhouse is a crazy shape-shifting map filled with scripted events. It is moderately difficult, as if it was around half-way in the original game. However, it contains more occasions where we revisit old spaces, and "unlock" new areas. Each room is different and has noticeable landmarks. Strange changes happen to the house as we progress through the level.

I got the occasion to practice on an important aspect of my work during this project. When the player has done or seen something memorable one time, and will have to do or see it again, he has expectations. This gives room for creating unexpected turn of events, and surprises. This is used in a lot of horror games and movies. This technique can be used to create highly emotional moments but also, inversely, strange gameplay/visual "silences", to create another kind of surprise.

The map can be downloaded on Steam Workshop
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Fort Bryce
Explore and uncover the secrets of a frozen underground bastion:
"Fort Bryce is an underground garrison holding a Nord community that lives beneath the cold mountains of Tamiel. This place is lost since it underwent a massive Frostbite Spider invasion."

Being a slightly difficult dungeon, this place holds many treasures and secrets, waiting for the curious explorer to find them. Each kind of players and classes in the game are supported by this dungeon:

The warrior player has long, challenging battles to overcome The stealthy archer player has opportunities surprise or simply avoid enemies The sorcerers are given fire spells and oil barrels to burn down these creatures

The map contains only one type of enemies, the frostbite spiders. This creature can use both ranged and melee attacks, and has the ability to drain the players stamina bar. The also contains a boss, which is a beefed-up version of the same monster. The curious player will find a secret passage at the end of the dungeon, which contains a reward and a shortcut to the entrance.
Starcraft II
Phaeton Oasis
Conquer your enemies on a dangerous desert planet:
Phaeton Oasis is a fast-paced map that can support up to 6 players, either in teams or free-for-all battles.

Players have limited resources since there is no additionnal mineral fields other that those near each player's start location.

They must quickly conquer their closest enemies in order to steal their mineral fields, otherwise they will run out of resources eventually.

Each starting area has 2 choke points and 1 high ground, ideal for placing turrets defensive units.

Try the map by searching for "Phaeton Oasis" directly in the game.
Zerus Jungle
Conquer your enemies on a dangerous jungle planet:
Establish a base and conquer your enemies on an hostile jungle planet.

Players each have 5 ideal base locations, and must destroy their opponents bases in order to win.

Some areas have choke point, ideal for placing defensive buildings and defending against ground armies.

Zerus Jungle supports up to 6 players in teams or Free-for-all battles.
Terminal Depot
Zerg rush your enemies on a station floating in an asteroid field:
An abandonned mining platform in an asteroid field, near the planet Braxis Alpha.

players start on their own path, which is easy to defend against ground units. Some ideal points for building a command center are placed mid-way between 2 players. This forces them to confront in order to expand.

Contains a couple narrow areas - Players can place units and turrets there to play defensively. They can then gradually move to the core of the enemy base.

Terminal Depot supports up to 4 players in teams or Free-for-all battles.


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